Why Are The Sun And Wind Important To Landscape Design?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "landscaping"So, you have created an amazing landscape plan and you are ready to start making it come true. Even better, you have created the entire plan in just 2 days and you think it is perfect. According to landscaping companies Colorado Springs, this is probably the biggest mistake you can make and the main mistake beginners make. Why? Because you have forgotten completely about the sun and the wind.

One of the best examples is related to the place where you will place your patio furniture. Because the sun comes from the east, you may think the west is the best choice. However, if you do that, spending time in your backyard, during warm months, especially in afternoon won’t be possible. The situation is the same with the wind. If we add the fact that most people want to spend quality time precisely at afternoon, you can get a clear picture how useless your garden and back deck will be!

Study the elements

Landscaping companies Colorado Springs claim that it is mandatory for homeowners to study the weather, sun, and wind in order to determine the best place for patio furniture. It may be a time-consuming process unless you already know the layout and position of all the elements in your backyard, but it is a must!

It is also an important factor to consider when you will spend the most time in the backyard? If you prefer afternoon time, patio furniture should be placed on the East side; if you prefer morning time, it should be placed on the west. This factor cannot be generalized, so each backyard will be unique.

Don’t worry if at the first sight it looks impossible to create a practical and useful garden. There are a lot of gadgets and additions that can help you get the most from your garden, regarding the sun and wind.

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