Mark Hurd: The Oracle’s CEO And His Desire Of Doing Something

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"Today, the name of Mark Hurd has become so famous that everyone is inspired by him and wants to be like him. This famous personality is the Co-CEO of Oracle and is one of the board members also. He joined Oracle after resigning from Hewlett Packard because of the case of sexual harassment. Along with this he also worked at NCR Corporation. The main characteristic of Mark Hurd is that he is really very innovative and he always thinks about the welfare of the customers.

Characteristics of Mark

In fact, he said that his main goal is to provide advanced and better technology to their customers either online or offline. His decisions proved to be effective because their strategies were stack, best of breed, open and most importantly were effective. Due to his leadership quality, he was praised by all his employees and other members of Oracle. His strategies, leadership quality and innovation helped him in managing the situation of the corporation. Since, he became the CEO of the company; the company has witnessed huge success.

Future planning of Mark

Along with all the important decisions, Mark also did planning for the coming future so that their company should not fall against the requirements of customers. For this, he took many decisions and performed all his duties very well. In the coming 8 years, he promised that he will completely change the environment of cloud services by making it more secure and effective. He said that their company will bring 80 percent changes in these services and with around 40% expenses of IT sector the cloud services will become secure. Along with the above mentioned services, he also said that everything will be stored in the cloud in the coming years so that customers can easily get all the information whenever it is needed.

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